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What an incredible journey it has been! We celebrated our 25th birthday, and let us tell you, it was a celebration like no other. We've weathered storms, soared to new heights, and embraced the downright extraordinary!

And let me tell you, there's way more than just 25 reasons to celebrate:

⭐ Over 50,000 candidates have joined our community, ready to work!

⭐ We've partnered with over 9,000 amazing clients, building Australia's brands!

⭐ Our freelancers have collectively logged over an astounding 2 million hours of brilliance!

⭐ We've successfully placed over 3,400 talented individuals into permanent positions, igniting careers!

⭐ With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we're true pioneers in our field!


To commemorate this occasion, we got together for an Artisan Team Day to set our personal and business goals, forging a path for the next year. Our vision day was nothing short of amazing, as we created vision boards to visualise and share our goals, that as a team we can work towards and help each other out. Filled with productivity, enthusiasm, and outcomes, our celebration continued with a team lunch. And as the sun set, we partied, marking the entry into our 26th year with style.

Cheers to everyone that has been part of the 25 years of making magic happen, and here's to an even more extraordinary future ahead! We're a handsome bunch. We really did miss our interstate team and those other team members that could not attend! We share the love X