The Hidden Job Market: Where is it hiding?

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What is the hidden job market, where is it hiding?

Here is the secret - It’s right in front of you. 

You just need to know where to look. The simplest way to put it is... The job market is made up of two parts: the visible jobs, the ones employers put on their own websites and the roles you can find on job boards. Then there is the hidden jobs, these are the permanent, contract and freelance roles that are continuously appearing, that are thrown out to networks and agencies like us. 


Our secret is not a secret at all though, when brands and businesses get a role they need to fill quickly, they will come directly to us. When they need to fill a job role that may be left of centre or need our expertise, they’ll come to us.


The hidden job market follows the 80/20 rule, 80% of the job roles in the creative and digital industry are in the hidden market.


Why is there a hidden job market?

- It is cheaper for an employer to access our talent pool and use agencies to complete the recruitment process as we are the experts. 

- Some employers want to keep their hiring decisions as quiet as possible to not give any sensitive business information to market.

- Companies are more likely to get high-quality applicants as they are accessing an experienced network of candidates with a vested interest in the industry. 

What are the benefits of accessing the hidden job market?

- These jobs are not advertised on major job boards, so you have more of a chance of standing out.

- Many times the best jobs are not advertised as employers are looking for talent from the best networks (like our #WFHArmy).

- The hidden job market helps individuals and talent stand out.

- Applying for roles in the hidden job market can be a lot quicker for everyone involved. 

- Employers achieve a closer fit and get the perfect candidate

How do you get into the hidden job market?

It is really simple… Really simple - click on the little sign up box at the top of this page, by signing up with Artisan you are joining our creative community of experienced, qualified and talented digital and creative experts.

1) Sign up.
2) Upload your resume and folio.
3) Explore the candidate portal and apply for the jobs that only appear on our website and in your candidate portal.


We hope this helps shed some light on the hidden job market, that we don’t really want to keep a secret. If you have any questions or need help going part of this give us a call on (03) 9514 1000 or email