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Government Sector

Artisan is highly experienced with PSAs and Tenders. However, in recent years, our State Government has had limited resources and tight budgets. The Public Service recruitment freeze hasn't helped with the result being a discontinuation of contracts and the inability to resource projects that are dependent on skills and knowledge.

Even with a current easing of the situation, there's still a focus on practical solutions that are kept within budget. So what are your options? Many departments simply hire temporary staff on a short-term basis to get the job done. This allows you to continue to meet those critical deadlines without the pressure of a lack of resources.

Artisan understands budgetary pressures. As Freelancers, our candidates are fully aware of their responsibilities to jump in at short notice and "keep the ball rolling" to help you achieve your goals. With no expectation of extensions.

Artisan provides realistic and viable options that you may not have thought available to you – a range of creative solutions to compliment the evolving requirements within government departments. Graphic Designers. Finished Artists. Desktop Publishers. We've also met the growing need for Microsoft Office and Digital/Web Specialists.

We've worked with Government from the beginning. Our very first client was City of Melbourne! Artisan offers an efficient, reliable service so that you have access to whatever Creative requirement you need. Whenever you need it.

Contact the Artisan Government Team to find your creative match:

DEBBIE  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    MATHEW  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    SEAN  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    KELLY  Business Development Specialist (VIC)    MEHAJABIN  Talent Resourcer (VIC)    PHIL  Recruitment Consultant (QLD)    RITU  Talent Resourcer and Credit Control Specialist (QLD)    LENICE  Recruitment Assistant (NSW)